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Advertising on Amazon: differences and types of ads

Amazon advertising: benefits and modalities


ith over 300 million users, Amazon is undoubtedly one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. The portal makes it easy to purchase any type of item, but above all to receive it very quickly. E-commerce therefore represents an incredible opportunity for all companies wishing to increase their sales and gain greater visibility. 

For some time now, the platform has also made a wide range of advertisements available to small and large entrepreneurs, each more or less suitable for achieving specific goals. 

Amazon advertising: ads by product and brand

The types are numerous, although at the moment the most popular campaigns are those per sponsored product and per sponsored brand. The former make it possible to find the searched item either in the first positions of the results or in the product tab of a competitor's item. In this way, it is also possible to act at the lowest stage of the funnel, reaching 'hotter' users who are more ready to make a purchase. Sponsored Brand Ads, on the other hand, increase brand visibility and at the same time help product cross-conversion. 

This type of campaign should include key brand information such as the logo, a customised title and image or a product catalogue carousel. Ads will appear in shopping results, at the top and bottom of search results, or in skyscraper and top bar formats on product pages.

Amazon advertising: video and display ads

Emerging formats include video ads. These campaigns make it possible to reach customers with targeted videos both on the web and in mobile apps. As a result, they are the perfect option for creating content about your brand and attracting the attention of your target audience through in-stream playback. Another interesting format is display ads. These are campaigns that are shown to users in the form of banners within the platform and aim to enhance brand reach. 

This type requires more effort in terms of creativity and text. Ads must be particularly interesting and able to capture users' attention. Display ads can also be used on several levels of the funnel. In fact, these formats make it possible to improve brand visibility, but also to engage intent-to-buy users while they are viewing product categories or even when they have purchased similar, competitive products.

pubblicità amazon
pubblicità amazon

Amazon advertising: store and personalised ads

Finally, among other options, Amazon advertising also makes the Store available. These are real company pages, with their own url, where all information about the brand and the products offered can be entered. This type of ad can be used to work on customer loyalty. In particular, Amazon makes it possible to create a different store per marketplace and language, so that offers can be differentiated by country and pricing strategy. Sponsored brand campaigns, moreover, can bring generic traffic to the store's home page, or to a specific section, but only if you have a registered brand on Amazon Brand Services. 

Customised ads, on the other hand, allow you to reach your audience with a unique message based on the target audience's interests and the company's business goals. In short, Amazon offers plenty of opportunities to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Of course, each type of campaign is best suited to achieve a specific goal and requires careful study. Only in this way can the right mix be created, optimising costs and increasing revenue.