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Advertising on Google: types and how it works

Google advertising campaigns: what they are for

Google is the search engine par excellence, the portal on which thousands of users search for information and content of all kinds every day. This site therefore represents a real gold mine and an incredible opportunity for companies wishing to increase their visibility. Being present in the first results of Google searches allows you to increase visits to your website and, consequently, also the request for products and services. Not only that, the portal offers the possibility to plan and publish paid ads, real campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness and the number of potential customers. These advertisements are called Google Ads and are divided into two main types.

Google advertising: all types

The first is that of campaigns carried out on the search network, or Google search. In this case, the ads are shown in the first results of the engine and according to the search key. These campaigns are then set up starting from a keyword plan, that is a set of very specific keywords. Therefore, if you intend to promote a shoe store, you will need to identify all the keywords related to the topic and characterized by a good search volume. Of course, each keyword will have a cost, which will depend on its competitiveness.

A highly sought-after keyword, for example, will be more expensive than a less sought-after keyword. On the basis of these analyzes, it will therefore be necessary to allocate a certain budget. The other type of campaign instead takes the name of Google Display. In this case, the campaigns consist of real banners that are shown on portals and websites frequented by the user or related to the subject of the ad. Consequently, if a user searches through a keyword used in an advertising campaign, he will have a high probability of viewing the related ads within various kinds of sites and portals.

Advertising on Google: types and how it works

The logic is therefore very similar to that of Google Search campaigns. What changes is the platform on which the ads are displayed which, in the first case, is the Google search network, while in the second it includes sites and portals of all kinds. Of course, it is possible that the same keyword is linked to campaigns of several companies. In this case, the display of the ads is adjusted according to the auction method. This means that every time a user types a search query on Google, an automatic auction starts which in a few thousandths of a second establishes, based on a series of factors, which advertisers to publish and in which position.

Google Advertising VS social advertising: the differences

Not only that, the logic behind Google campaigns is completely different to which Characterises advertising on Facebook and Instagram. In this second case, in fact, the announcement works on a latent but not expressed demand. The task of the campaign is therefore to stimulate it through the creation of ad hoc ads

In the case of advertising campaigns on Google, however, the user has already expressed their need through the search engine. Consequently, the Google advertising campaign is directed towards a conscious demand. This is a very important and decisive difference, which should be carefully evaluated in the strategic phase. For example, if the company intends to promote very affordable offers and discounts, it could try to opt for campaigns aimed at latent demand. On the contrary, a company that offers very specific and high-profile services should opt for Google advertising campaigns, directing their ads towards an informed demand, that is, towards users who know and have already expressed their interest in the product.

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