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Amazon Store: what it is and what it is for

Amazon Store: all the benefits


mazon Store is a service that the platform makes available to companies, through which they can increase the visibility of their brand and products. The Store consists in fact of a real virtual shop, with a specific, customised url. The great advantage in terms of visibility comes from the fact that this site is located right inside Amazon, one of the most visited e-commerce sites in the world. What's more, the Store allows you to insert captivating graphics, images and videos within the portal that will enhance your brand to the maximum. And that's not all. The real strength lies in the shopping experience offered by this type of portal. Within the Store, the user can in fact explore the entire catalogue, easily locate the products sought and discover additional ones. In short, the Store represents a great opportunity for small and large Brands wishing to increase visibility and, consequently, sales.

Amazon Store: who can create it? 

 Its creation is also completely free of charge. However, in order to use this service, it is necessary to register your brand in the Amazon Brand Register or to be a professional seller. Access to the Store then also allows you to implement relevant advertising campaigns (Amazon ads), so as to highlight the various products. To gain access to the Amazon Brand Registry, you will need to:

  • have a registered trademark appearing on products and/or packaging
  • being able to prove that you are the owner and holder of the rights to the registered trade mark
  • have an Amazon account

In the latter case, you can also use an existing account with credentials associated with Vender / Seller Central or activate a new one free of charge.

Amazon Store: how to create it 

To create the store, however, Amazon provides a very simple software: the Store Builder. This is a self-service tool that the platform offers to sellers, through which it is possible to choose different templates without necessarily having technical or graphic skills. Specifically, you define the menu structure, create the internal pages, and upload content and products. The home page consists of a cover image, below which the brand logo is positioned, flanked by a navigation menu. In the body of the home page, on the other hand, there are a series of contents that lead the user to other pages or to specific product cards. Then, after the store is created, it must be submitted for review and approval by Amazon for publication. This usually takes a few days. At this point, the Store is ready for users to visit. 

amazon store

Amazon Store: user visits

The latter can reach the portal through a direct link, which will be placed within social networks, e-mail campaigns or the website. Not only that, the Store can also be reached via a link on product pages or, alternatively, via 'Sponsored Brand' campaigns. In this case, the user who clicks on the ad will find himself in the store. This is a recommended route when the user does a brand-related search. Naturally, the latter option is preferable in the case of well-known companies. Otherwise, the advice is to use other types of advertising campaigns. In both cases, it will be possible to receive visitors interested in your products from the very first days. This data can then be constantly monitored and measured by means of ad hoc tools. Amazon Store is in fact able to provide a wealth of statistics on the number of clicks on products, page visitors and traffic sources, so that you can get feedback on your shop and the experience it offers.