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Content marketing: what is it and why is it so important?

What is content marketing?


he marketing refers to a set of strategies and tools aimed at creating and distributing relevant and valuable content with respect to its target audience.

Specifically, the purpose of content marketing is to attract and engage customers and potential customers by directing them towards a specific commercial action. This branch of marketing therefore includes a series of very different actions ranging from the publication of content on websites and portals to that on social media. In both cases, in fact, it is necessary to study and implement a precise content marketing strategy that succeeds in striking and engaging the target audience as much as possible.

By publishing relevant and quality content, it is then possible to increase brand awareness and, secondly, to increase the sale of products and services. Of course, in order to realise a truly effective content marketing strategy, it is necessary to fully understand the tastes and interests of your audience, so as to intercept them and offer truly relevant content. On the other hand, every day thousands of users use the web to find useful, entertaining and interesting information. This is why having the right content marketing strategy in place is the first step to improving your company's online reputation and increasing your visibility. 

Content marketing strategy: how to set it up

The marketing in turn comprises a number of specific branches that, although very different from each other, work synergistically in pursuit of the same objective.

Evaluating SEO Search Engine Optimisation), for instance, uses the publication of quality content to improve the visibility of a website. In this case, therefore, the content marketing strategy is based on the creation of optimised texts and thus able to rank in the first results of search engines. Optimisation follows some very precise rules that also concern the writing of the text, titles and any subtitles.

The Social Media marketing, on the other hand, involves the publication of relevant and valuable content on social media. In this case, the strategy is created on the basis of an analysis of the target audience, the competition and, of course, the strengths of the product or service. Content must be creative and original, so as to attract, entertain and engage the user as much as possible. Finally, content marketing also includes another very important promotional tool:mail marketing..

This is the set of communications that a company sends to its customers or potential customers to offer useful and interesting information and content. E-mail marketing therefore includes the newsletter service as well as simple promotional e-mail to offer discounts, free gifts, etc. Here too, it is necessary to offer valuable content, tailored to the needs and requirements of the target audience. 


Content marketing examples  

To fully understand the meaning of a and implement a precise content marketing strategy content marketing strategy, however, it is good to examine a concrete reality.

In the specific case of a company specialising in the sale of personal care articles, for example, the content marketing will include an SEO strategy set up with a series of 'keywords' concerning the main themes and topics of interest (wellness tips, health, etc.).

Evaluating The social media strategy, on the other hand, will have to envisage an editorial calendar in which purely promotional (product) posts will alternate with informative and useful posts (advice, tips, etc.). 

Finally, email marketing could provide for the sending of a monthly newsletter with articles and offers of the month or purely promotional emails and offers reserved only for certain types of customer. Also in this case the type of content offered varies according to the marketing objective and must be created on the basis of the expectations and interests of one's target group.    

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