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Email marketing to increase sales: how it works

Email Marketing what it is and how it works


mail marketing. is a branch of web marketing that involves contacting customers and potential customers through the use of email messages. The content of these emails varies depending on the type of campaign and its objective. The purpose of email marketing can be to reach a new target group of potential customers or to retain existing ones. It is therefore also a very useful tool for increasing sales and the number of orders. It is no coincidence that an excellent web strategy often also relies on very structured email marketing campaigns. In these cases, it is essential to be able to rely on a large, complete and as up-to-date database as possible. Only in this way is it possible to reach a larger number of customers and, above all, ensure that the message reaches its destination. 

Email marketing: how to create an effective campaign

  • Database creation

The first step in creating an effective email marketing campaign is therefore to create a dabatase of contacts. In this case, it is very important that the information is correct and complete. Generally, a good starting point is the list of one's own customers. This database can be used for loyalty campaigns or for the launch of new products/services. If, on the other hand, you want to intercept a new audience, then you will need to plan campaigns of lead generation, which can lead to the creation of a database of new contacts in a short time. These campaigns can be launched on social networks, or via Google ads. 

  • Layout and Copy

At this point, one can also think about the creativity of the email marketing campaign. In addition to identifying the right target group, it is equally important to structure an effective message. This means creating a layout that will immediately catch the attention of the most distracted user and prompt them to read the content of the email. 

  • Email subject line

In these cases, the choice of subject line is also very important (if not crucial for opening). The advice, therefore, is to avoid a banal subject line, but to focus on a short text that can meet the expectations and needs of the recipient. The content of the e-mail should also be written very carefully, avoiding grammatical errors, typos and excessively long sentences. 

  • Call to action

At the bottom of the email, a call to action should then be included, which may prompt the user to purchase or order a product. Also in this case, the advice is to opt for a short and clear text, so as to reassure the user about the action he is about to take and what he will find after clicking on the button.

mail marketing.
mail marketing.

Newsletter: a tool for customer loyalty

Email marketing, however, does not only include messages of a purely commercial nature, but also includes communications of an informative nature, such as newsletters. These emails are aimed at building customer loyalty and updating them on any news about the company. In this case, therefore, the email is sent to a database of contacts who know the company and have expressly requested to receive informative messages from the company in question. These are therefore almost always long-standing customers or people who know the company and are very interested in the products on sale. The newsletter, therefore, does not contain commercial content, but merely reports any news about the company, the products/services sold, events, promotions and special offers. Also in this case, it is essential to take care of the layout, copy and subject of the email, so that the user can notice the message. Unlike commercial e-mails, newsletters are sent periodically, usually once a month.