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How to create a successful google ads campaign

Google Ads: how it works


oogle Ads is a free tool made available by Google for the creation of advertising campaigns aimed at increasing visits to one's own website. Specifically, it is possible to publish advertisements intended to improve your positioning in the search network, such as 'Google Search ads', or ads aimed at increasing the number of clicks to your site.

In both cases we are talking about'pay-per-click advertising', i.e. campaigns in which the advertiser pays every time the user clicks on the ad. In this way, it is possible to make full use of one's budget by paying only after the action has taken place. This is a very important aspect and one that distinguishes Google campaigns from those on social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. In this case, in fact, the advertiser pays to reach a certain audience, which can be more or less broad.

Google campaigns therefore allow for greater control of expenditure and also allow for a number of modifications, so as to achieve the desired results more effectively. 

Google ads campaigns: 5 tips for successful advertisements

Of course, in order to create a successful campaign on Google, one has to pay attention to a number of variables: from choosing the right target to creating attractive graphics and images. 

  • Choosing the right target

The first step in creating a successful campaign is certainly to identify the target, and thus the most suitable format for your advertisements. In this respect, Google makes different types of campaigns available, which are created for different purposes and therefore allow different results to be achieved. Google Search campaigns, for instance, consist of textual advertisements intended for search engines, and thus designed to increase site visits easily and immediately.

If, however, the advertiser's objective is also to increase brand awareness, then the advice is to opt for 'Google Display' campaigns. Another interesting opportunity is offered by YouTube ads.These ads make it possible to promote one's own site within the YouTube circuit, exploiting a very large catchment area.  

  • Creating a Landing Page

Once the most effective type has been identified, the creation of a landing page must also be evaluated.A very common mistake in these cases is in fact to direct the campaign to the home page of the portal, thus dispersing the number of visits. On the contrary, the advice is to create an ad hoc landing page, so as to involve the user as much as possible and direct him towards the desired action (order, registration, etc.).

  • Use eye-catching graphics and videos

To create a successful Google campaign, it is also essential to take care of the design of the advertisements. In the case of ads intended for portals (Google Display), for instance, it is necessary to use impactful images, graphics and videos, capable of capturing the attention of the most distracted user and prompting him to click. In the case of 'Google Search Ads', on the other hand, it is necessary to do a good job of keyword research, so as to identify the most important keywords. 

google ads
Google ads
  • Making several versions of the ad

Finally, the best way to create successful campaigns on Google ads is definitely to test the ad as much as possible. This means creating several versions of the same ad, so that performance can be monitored and the most cost-effective and successful ad can be more easily identified. 

  • ROI verification

Not only that, it is also essential to calculate the ROI (Return Of Investment) of the campaign. This is a very important parameter and one that allows you to effectively assess its success. In this way, it is possible to optimise the campaign and improve its performance, intervening with possible budget changes and keyword corrections.