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Since 1995, Amazon has outpaced several competitors in its field, and has become the market leader. The E-commerce giant has approximately 240 million customer accounts worldwide and has built a huge product base selling almost everything. Their Mission is "To be the most customer-centric company on Earth, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online and strives to offer their customers the lowest possible prices.

1. The branding / research phase
  • Setup of the Amazon Seller Central / Vendor Central / Amazon Advertising account
  • Development of a marketing plan
2. The pre-launch phase
  • Creation of brand pages and advanced content (Brand A + / Enhanced Brand Content)
  • Support for the integration of the Amazon channel with your e-commerce or ERP
3. The post-launch phase
  • Management and optimisation of product pages for all marketplaces
  • Creation and monitoring of advertising campaigns
3. The after-sales phase
  • Analysis and reporting of the account performance

What we can do for you!

We will help and ensure the growth of your business brand on Amazon

With the services we provide, we can manage your Amazon store and plan strategies of growth to grow your business. We will define together targets and strategies and plan the methods to implement to attain them

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