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Facebook ADS

Paid social media advertising is an instant way to impact the reach of your content. With 2.91 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform for serving ads.

But it's becoming more and more likely that if you want to get your posts seen on Facebook, you'll have to pay to reach through advertising. When it comes to social media strategy, understanding how to use Facebook Ads is a must.

Facebook has a lot of data about its users and allows marketers to use it when targeting their audience.

When you create a Facebook ad, you can specify demographic data such as gender, location and age. Where Facebook really differs from other ad platforms, however, is through lifestyle-based targeting options, such as:

  • Interests
  • Behaviors (such as recent purchases)
  • Education and curriculum
  • Income
  • Political affiliation
  • Major life events
  • Spoken languages
1. Creating and managing your Business Manager account
2. Audit of the existing account
  • Analysis of existing data
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Advice on implementation, structuring and optimization
3. Development of the marketing plan
  • Growth plan and spending plan
4. Analysis, reporting and optimization of advertising campaigns
  • Analysis, to optimize performance, following the international scaling techniques

What we can do for you

Each company has different needs and we work with smaller and more local businesses to larger companies around the world.

We work by making a tailor made plan for your needs and goals. Once the plan is established together we will send growth analyzes with which you can see the results achieved in the required time.

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