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Selling on Amazon: opportunities and benefits

Selling with Amazon: the advantages of e-commerce

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. Born in 1995 as a portal specialised in the sale of books, it has quickly established itself as one of the points of reference in the vast panorama of online purchases. Certainly thanks to the insights of its founder, Jeff Bezos, currently Amazon is one of the most visited websites in the world and a real e-commerce giant. In fact, this portal offers the possibility to find and purchase any kind of product, in a short time and above all at competitive prices.

Not only one of the strengths of the multinational is certainly represented by customer service. On the other hand, the company's payoff, "Happy customers", is quite eloquent and perfectly describes the main objective of the company: to focus on the needs and requirements of the customer. For all these reasons, Amazon is also a strategic channel full of opportunities, especially for those companies that want to increase the sales of their store.

Selling on Amazon: all the opportunities

In fact, the platform offers an enormous user base, around 200 million per month, and therefore allows you to significantly increase the visibility of your products. In this way, any company, whether small or large, has the opportunity to acquire qualified traffic, without having to invest its budget in advertising campaigns and web marketing strategies.

Not only that, users who land on the platform are strongly inclined to purchase, which greatly increases the likelihood of successfully concluding the sale. On the other hand, some studies carried out by the company have shown an average increase of 50% on the sales of its products. In short, the portal represents a unique opportunity for visibility, while at the same time offering the opportunity to increase its turnover. On the other hand, one of the features of the platform is to suggest similar products and items, which allows you to significantly increase the visibility of a small shop.

Selling on Amazon: customer reviews

Not only that, one of Amazon's strengths is represented by customer reviews, evaluations that if allow you to "push" the product, increasing its visibility in search results. The portal algorithm gives priority to the articles evaluated with the highest number of positive reviews.

By opening its doors to Amazon, it is also possible to acquire a new slice of customers, a demographic that is younger and more open to making purchases online. On the other hand, it is a rapidly growing basin which is destined to increase over time. In fact, more and more people prefer to buy products online and choose to rely on e-commerce with extensive catalogs and, above all, high-level customer service.

Selling through amazon: costs and economic benefits

Another great advantage offered by this platform concerns the logistics sector. In particular, those who decide to sell on Amazon can completely delegate the organisation of shipments, both in Italy and abroad.

In fact, the multinational e-commerce giant will manage everything but above all to store the goods in its warehouses. This is a great saving for the company, which therefore has the ability to reduce an important cost item. Not only that, by relying on Amazon you can also sell your products abroad, without the need to open and structure an office outside Italy. Finally, by taking advantage of this convenient platform, the company will be able to do without creating its own e-commerce, saving further. In fact, the design and creation of a portal of this kind involves a considerable investment, as well as rather long times. Not only that, management can also be complicated and tiring. Subscription to Amazon costs very little, a few tens of euros, and it does not require any technical skills.

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