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Why advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram: what they are for

Facebook and Instagram are undoubtedly among the most important social media and used by most users. These platforms in fact boast billions of subscribers, women and men of all ages eager to share photos, thoughts and emotions with their friends near and far. Not only that, the large number of users present has pushed both platforms to generate new business opportunities even for companies that intend to improve their online reputation and acquire new customers.

Social media represents a very important pool of users and potential customers, which can be reached through ad hoc social media marketing strategies, designed and studied to hit your target audience. These activities also include planning advertising campaigns, tools which make it possible to improve and work on Brand Awareness and number of sales simultaneously.

Facebook and Instagram ads: how they work

These campaigns involve the use of ad hoc creativity and the use of a specific budget, which substantially depends on some characteristics of the campaign. For example, advertising at a national level will require a greater investment than another organised locally. Similarly, another factor that greatly influences the budget is the goal of the campaign.

If, for example, the purpose is to increase Brand Awareness, then the investment will be rather limited. However, if the campaign is aimed to acquire new leads, the cost per action will be much higher. In this case, therefore, it will be necessary to provide the allocation of a higher budget. Not only that, the costs of advertising also varies from one platform to another. Instagram, for example, is characterised by greater involvement than Facebook and therefore offers the possibility of obtaining excellent results even with low budgets.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram: opportunities and benefits for small brands

It is a great business opportunity especially for those companies and small brands that have a smaller budget available but wish to grow and increase their turnover. In these case, advertising on Facebook and Instagram is an excellent alternative to traditional channels, such as newspapers and TV which, while ensuring excellent exposure, involve very high investments.

Not only that, the additional advantage offered by campaigns on Facebook and Instagram lies in the ability to track and measure the results obtained. In fact, social media offers constantly updated real-time reporting, which allows you to analyze a large amount of data and obtain immediate feedback on the outcome of your advertising campaign. All this then allows you to adjust the campaign shot and make changes in the race. In short, advertising on Facebook and Instagram is an excellent resource for companies, as it allows you to concretely measure results and maximize your investment.

How to make an effective strategy

To achieve your goals, however, it is not enough to set up campaigns on these platforms. In fact, it is necessary to rely on an excellent social media marketing strategy, which includes the development of an ad hoc editorial plan, consisting of interesting and truly engaging content, and the creation of a specific advertising plan.

This means providing a series of campaigns with well-defined steps and objectives, ranging from the simple increase of the fanbase and Brand Awareness, to the collection of new contacts and leads for sales. The campaigns will be able to use the most diverse creatives, from simple images and graphics to video clips of all kinds. What matters is that they are designed and implemented on the basis of the tastes and expectations of their target, in such a way as to create the widest and most real involvement possible. Once published, the campaigns can be optimised, in order to maximise results and allow for further cost savings.

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